Servicing the whole of Queensland and northern New South Wales

Andrews & Hansen Pty Ltd is the best choice for your project management, town planning & surveying needs.

Project Management & Town Planning

From the beginning of a project we provide a full range of services such as, but not restricted to:

  • Preliminary discussions with Council & arrange pre-lodgement meetings with Council to assess the feasibility of a project.
  • Preparation of both material change of use (rezoning) and reconfiguring of a lot applications to Council.
  • Survey and drafting of plans (including but not restricted to proposed lot layouts, sales plans, survey plans for registration, and as-constructed plans as required by Council)

Other activities essential to a development are the briefing of civil engineers for the design process and liaison with environmental consultants for the preparation of flora and fauna reports and liaison with Energex and telecommunication providers for the supply of services.

Land assessment tool

Engineering & Building Surveys

Using modern technology we accurately perform contour and detail surveys, suitable for design purposes.  We have the capacity to conduct surveys from small urban lots through to large scale projects.

Being a surveying consultancy we have the expertise to perform surveys to set out roads, earthworks, buildings and other civil works.  We liaise directly with the designers and builders to ascertain their requirements and provide the necessary survey control for the project.  Our services range from small residential homes, to commercial factories, to multi storey buildings.

Land & Unit Titling

Once a development has been constructed and given Council consent the new parcels of land or building units can be titled.  This process requires the preparation of a survey plan that is lodged at the Department of Environment & Resource Management for registration. We prepare these survey plans in all their various forms such as:

  • Standard land subdivisions
  • Easements
  • Strata titling of buildings
  • Volumetric lots

Other services we provide for titling include:

  • Exclusive use plans
  • Service location diagrams
  • Community Management Statements
  • Building Management Statements

Identification surveys & Lease Surveys

An identification survey is conducted when placing pegs at existing registered boundary corners. Location of any improvements near to said boundaries may also be carried out.  A report is provided and a plan lodged with the Department of Environment & Resource Management, which is useful in the event of a boundary dispute.

We are experienced in preparation of Lease surveys for:

  • commercial
  • retail
  • industrial
  • large scale areas

Other specialist fields

  • Statutory authority liasion (including departments such as Main Roads, Department of Environment & Resource Management (Titles Office), Beach Protection Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, Telstra & Energex)
  • Route surveys for new services.  As an Energex preferred supplier we have completed many of these surveys.
  • Bush fire management plans